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Watanabe has built will never die. Nishiki Ramen and Santouka are probably the best two examples I've had in San Diego, although I see that Nishiki has not been doing too favorably on Yelp it dipped as low as 3. It's hard to find excuses as to why a restaurant with handmade noodles, the best in San Diego, and a very, very solid broth have gotten so low. I grew up eating Chinese food so I definitely see where you're coming from with those points.

But I also feel like there are so many Ramen places in San Diego now that it's not really an excuse anymore. Cuban food? There also aren't many authentic Chinese places - and much fewer good ones. But Ramen has spread like wildfire in the last year or so.

There are even 2 new spots opening up within ft of each other in Hillcrest. Maybe you're right. I guess I wanted to believe a strong rating would hold more weight.

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And thanks for the nishiki suggestion I'll have to try that spot. I've never heard it mentioned before.

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When I was looking for writing gigs, I got contacted by someone who said that worked at Yelp. The restaurants paid for the positive reviews.

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They also pay to review their competitors poorly. There was a good story on the Reader about this. Yelp is total BS. First of all, yelp calls you as a business asking to pay for advertising. Which also gives you more ability to hide unfavorable reviews. Second, yelpers know this. Lots of yelpers post negative reviews in hopes of being comped something. And thirdly, the vast majority of yelpers don't address whether the food is actually good.

They focus on presentation and decor and service etc. Ya know?

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Instead I get essays on ambiance and the texture of said dish. Everyone wants to sound like a celebrity chef. And honestly most of them wouldn't know good food if it sat on their face. The only reason I use yelp nowadays is to check in and get coupons. And give good reviews to spots that deserve it because I know how hard it is to get reviews.

Yelp reviewers so rarely know what they're talking about when it comes to certain cuisines, and I've noticed this particularly badly for Japanese. Most locals just don't have the right taste, and I think this comes down to simple lack of exposure. A few red flags are ordering Americanized dishes Dragon Roll etc , dumb nonsense like sake bombs or frou-frou cocktails, being overly sensitive to service, or claiming to be an expert based on some experience between one hour of Anthony Bourdain and two weeks on a guided Japan tour.

I work in point loma and it looks like all these japanese places are reviewed by tourists from like Anyone who thinks that they can ignore Yelp as a business owner is an idiot. Even elite yelpers are customers and last I checked, you need them. The vast majority of the people that rate are not 'elites' or elitist. I've been on Yelp since it was first created. In that time I've only felt compelled to write about a dozen reviews.

In every case it was about my expectations If it doesn't fall within range of my expectations I'll rate. We tend to rate what we are either impressed by or depressed by outside of our expectations. The really bad, or the really good. Included in that is the experience. As a business owner, if somebody says your service sucks because they couldn't get a drink at their table, you'd better make sure that it doesn't become a theme on Yelp or anywhere else.

I live in a big city and there are thousands of restaurants. How do I pick? Professional food critics and regular patrons don't always agree, but somewhere in there you can find yourself.

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That being said Yelp needs a reset. I know that more data points are more reliable, but places change, chefs change, owners change, servers change, etc. Places who do respond to negative Yelp ratings by improving service, etc. But they should. And some places start off great and then, over the years and the inevitable staffing changes, fall victim to an unintentionally diminishing product. Ever revisited an old favorite and found it bland?

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I guarantee that the guy that was cooking when you loved it left, and was replaced by someone with a slightly different interpretation of the same menu. Usually his sous chef, the guy that never tastes stuff and has a thing about salt. The ratings should be zeroed out every so often, and the stars should be replaced by a real rated measure. Perhaps a Likert scale type rating system that makes them answer specific questions about the product and produces a rating based on those answers.

This 'I withheld a star because I couldn't find parking' shit is useless. People looooove to hate on Yelp, yet they keep on using it.

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You have to take everything with a grain of salt. For example, if I'm looking at reviews in the college area, for example, I know it's a bunch of college kids who don't know much about food and just want quick and cheap. If you are looking in an area that is heavily touristed Seaport village, let's say you know many reviews will be from tourists around the country who know nothing.

I also ignore individual reviews from people who have few reviews. Or if you're reading a review for an Indian restaurant and someone starts it with, "This is my first time having Indian food, but It's a tool. It's been indispensable to me for years, yet of course it's led me wrong, too. I also refer to Chowhound, Foursquare, or country-specific sites depending where I am.

I never read the high ratings. I always read the one stars to laugh. I use yelp to see pictures even though some ppl take ugly food pictures and for the attributes hours, number, address. Non yelpers, real ppl who discuss food all over the county. EDSD is a great resource, I've been a member for about a year now. What is this magical FB group? I searched and it did not come up on FB for me. I would love to have more informed food opinions! Cake Day. Hours: Sunday — Wednesday am — pm Thursday am — am Friday — Saturday am — am.

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