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Taxes and other services fees may apply. Expires Would you like your Would Would youWould like youyour like you employees your likeemployees employees your employees to beto tobe be to be. Avon Youth Lacrosse AYL recently finished another great fall season and is gearing up for a record-breaking spring season. There has been an explosion in participation from its inception two years ago. In , nine kids came out to play for the first season in Avon. Because of the significant growth AYL has experienced, they expect to have numbers approaching this spring.

Lacrosse played an important more endurance. Players not only learn this history but sometimes Lacrosse is a combination of basketball, incorporate past traditions into their hockey, soccer and football. A ball is thrown, practices and games. When Nierzwicki heard While lacrosse is a lesser-known sport in rumors of lacrosse starting in Hendricks. County, he got in touch with Koles and helped him grow the Brownsburg club. As the club grew, many kids were coming from Avon to play, so Nierzwicki decided to help start an Avon club, along with Suhaka, so more players could be involved.

Nierzwicki went into the military right after high school, serving in the Army Reserves and attending school at the same time. He served eight years in the military, between active duty and the reserves, served a tour of duty in Bosnia in and remains a proud and changed man because of his experiences. He aims to pass on the values he learned in the military to participants in the lacrosse club.

Monrovia coupon magazine

We want them to be good people, live by the golden rule, respect others and respect yourself. We take a lot of pride in that piece of it. The board of directors is responsible for strategic planning, training, the selection of coaches and referees and ensuring safety is further enhanced by qualified professionals. Every single one of the coaches in the AYL is U.

Lacrosse certified. We all do it because we love the sport, and we want to provide something better for these kids. We seek only the best so we can leverage the lacrosse program and our knowledge and experiences to develop the leaders of tomorrow on and off the field. The club is also growing because parents are searching for safer sports than soccer and football. With youth concussions being a recent hot topic, many parents like that lacrosse is safer.

The boys more protective gear, such as a helmet, shoulder pads, gloves and elbow pads since they are allowed contact during play. The club provides a fall season for kids to simply practice and get to know the game. This includes free fall introduction to lacrosse clinics. Nierzwicki says this is a great time for kids and parents alike to warm up to the sport.

The week consists of simple practices and scrimmages, and the main goal is to have fun. The spring season, which takes off in late February, brings a more serious season, where students take part in more conditioning and technical playing. They compete in games, which may involve some traveling for the 12U and older kids. Another reason parents are clamoring to get their kids signed up for lacrosse: scholarships. Many Big Ten schools in the Midwest looking to start lacrosse programs are wanting to recruit from the Midwest because athletes new to the sport are easier to train.

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The researchers urged that further studies were needed to confirm the current results and determine long-term effects of wireless radiation on trees. Growers Alliance Program plants are sold exclusively by Village Nurseries to landscape professionals and are not available for retail sales. Bill Calkins, independent garden center business manager for Ball, shared some of the findings in a recent Simply Beautiful Retail Report.

Among the insights included in the report….

But you can call it Athens Organic Supply for short www. The business prides itself on being the source for organic gardening goods—and much more. Horticulturist Nick Rosenberg is part of the team running this truly grassroots operation. The current incarnation of the business got its start in , as a part-time retail establishment open on Fridays, Saturdays and by appointment. Over the years demand for organic products grew, and local residents grew tired of trekking to Dallas or Tyler, Texas, to make purchases.

In response, Athens Organic Supply began opening its doors six days a week, added more staff and expanded its organic offerings. The main objective of organic gardening is to produce healthy soil, which leads to healthy plants. We tell people to work with nature, not against it. It takes a little bit of time to establish an organic gardening routine. We tell our customers it takes more dedication up front. But once you get it rolling—get those microorganisms going—it kind of takes over.

Failure only comes when people give up.

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GC: Your customers deal with a challenging climate. What are the top three plants you tend to recommend that will take the Texas heat? NR: I always turn to the ornamental grasses—Miscanthus, Pennisetum—they take the heat. Also loropetalum—those do equally well in sun or shade. For color, lantana is always wonderful. And any kind of yaupon holly is good. There are so many new varieties out there. GC: How would you describe your own, personal garden? I always like to try new varieties in my garden. So I advise giving plants the room they need to not just live, but to thrive.

GC: How did you get interested in gardening and horticulture? NR: When I was young I was always out in the yard.

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Then I went into the army for eight years. Over the years I worked with several other companies—and even opened my own company. NR: Hanging out with my wife and two precious kids. I also love to play golf. And woodworking is my passion. I create handmade pens.

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I also build decks, arbors—lots of carpentry. Do you tend to go online for information? Or are you more likely to turn to books and magazines? NR: For gardening information, I tend to make a lot of calls to my mentors—folks I know personally who have taken me under their wings. And for plant-type info, Neil Sperry is a great source www. Working in the nursery is great, too. You learn so much from your customers. I also do a lot of garden club talk, and those folks are wonderful. I do a lot of research online, too.